Fluidity and instinct has played a major role in my relationship with the landscape. Through processes using inks as a base for both printmaking and mixed Media Drawing, I am developing a more organic approach. Structures such as rocks still fascinate me, especially the mountains of Northern Spain and the Jurassic coast. The barge shipwrecks at Purton, are man made structures inspired my printmaking. As have the undulation of the Wiltshire Downs with Chalk White Horses marked in the landscape.

Landscape is explored through a various combination of processes; painting, drawing and print. The focus is often solid structures in outdoor spaces, making their mark on softer more fluid surroundings. Rocks and man made constructions have a particular relationship with the land which constantly changes and is of great interest to me. This includes local landscape as well as reflecting on my travels in the US.

Most recently I have drawn from Rocky coastlines in Carmel on the East coast of the US, as well as Lyme Regis on the Jurassic Coast reflecting on the monumental changes that take place with every tide. The rocks, fossils and general detritus, such as trees that are exposed by the tides have made me contemplate what lies beneath the surface. These images entered my Print work as I have been developing ideas at Rabley Drawing Centre.

Shirley Cartey has a BA(Honours) in Fine Art Painting, and has shown in US and UK exhibitions.

2014-15 In the US I was part of local art group Studio Montclair and have shown in the following exhibitions:

State of the Art - January 2015

Academy Galleries, Montclair New Jersey

Water/Colour - May 2015

Academy Galleries, Montclair New Jersey

Ekphrasis II - September 2015

Montclair Public Library, NJ

(Working with poets, belonging to the local writing group, culminating in four poems written about one of the Prints)

2014 - 15 Gallery Ice Windsor have taken collage cards and etching prints in their gallery.

Gallery Website :

2016 - Pen and Ink Illustrations -

Collaboration with poet Anita Campbell on Walking Through The Green Lane.

2017 - Newbury Open Studios

2018 - Newbury and Marlborough Open Studios

City Arts Newbury - From Nature collaboration with Lone Hudson, Lorna Goldsmith and Petra Giede-Barnes.